Fitter welder and General engineer

Job Description

Topflite is a Family owned company that produces and sells bird and small animal food products.

The role is located in Weston, Oamaru.

We are upgrading our Birdseed mixing plant which will require the manufacture and fitting of various grain handling equipment including:-

1. Building a bucket grain elevator and silo delivery tubes – cutting, welding, painting and assembly.

2. Mounting and connecting seed cleaning equipment to grain elevator and grain hoppers

3.  Building seed hoppers and mounting and connecting to seed mixer

4. Up grading seed mixing room – which may require some carpentry

5. Construct boxing for concrete foundations for shipping containers

* It is estimated that 30 to 40% of the time you will be working with supervisor or other hired help
* It is estimated this upgrade will take approximately 12  to 15 months
* The upgrade work will be done in our well-equipped workshop and on site (100m from workshop)
* Some of the construction will be outsourced ie. Folding of sheet steel and profile cutting.

Main Duties/Responsibilities:

* Work mainly unsupervised welding and constructing grain handling equipment from concept plans supplied and in consultation with supervisor
* From time to time you maybe asked to perform other duties
* Cut and fabricate steel
* Be able to MIG weld to a high standard both heavy and light steel
* Take pride in doing a good job with a keen eye for detail
* Operate tools safely with the safety equipment provided
* Work with others from time to time
* Work around an existing operation in a safe and constructive manner

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

Job type:

Full Time