Unqualified ECE Relievers - Start Today

Job Description

Are you passionate about working with young children and wanting to kick-start your career in Early Childhood Education?

Education Personnel is offering you the opportunity to gain teaching experience in a range of Early Childhood centres. There are day to day relief teaching opportunities available as well as long term placements geared to your preferred working schedule.

Not only do we value your work/life balance, but whether you’re interested in early childhood, kindergarten, or day care centres, our consultants aim to help you find consistent work close to home.

What's in it for you?

* Work/life balance
* Valuable experience in a range of centres across the Auckland region
* Networking opportunities in Early Childhood
* A friendly and supportive community

You will already be:

* Experienced working with children under the age of 5
* Approachable and able to form positive professional relationships with children, whanau and colleagues
* Able to take initiative

As we are eager to work with the best candidates, applicants must have at least one professional referee, good communication skills, and no criminal convictions. This will ensure that we can send you to ECE centres once you start your early childhood reliever job in Auckland.

Job type:

Part Time


Auckland City