ECE Head Teacher (Our Kids New Centre Glen Eden)

Job Description

Our brand-new centre located in the new subdivision at 3 Mataki Way, off Pleasant Road in Glen Eden is expected to welcome families in March/ April 2019. Featuring striking views of large native trees and across the hills of the Waitakere ranges, we offer spaces for 15 under 2s and 45 preschool children. 

Our Kids Early Learning centres have been serving the community in Glendene and Glen Eden since 08 and is highly considered by whanau as an inclusive & stimulating with their commitment to quality ECE.

Our main vision is to empower children’s sense of self and foster their ability to direct their own learning in a nurturing environment that is autonomous, open, and child-centred.

The centre features a stunning outdoor area, with a strong focus on the natural setting where children will be encouraged to explore, learn, and grow in an environment that is both engaging and challenging. The inside spaces are thoughtfully designed in a respectful and homely manner, where careful considerations have been given to the aesthetics and natural elements to help instil a sense of belonging.

We believe that a centre’s most important resource is a good team, therefore we do our best to find ways to invest in creating and maintaining a positive team culture, an environment that motivates and inspires. Upstairs is beautifully designed in a way to support positive energy, featuring relaxing, modern, and comfortable facilities for staff with an attached balcony and amazing views to the Waitakere Ranges.

We are seeking a team leader to help guide our teaching team to excellence by recognising the individual strengths and potentials of others.  We would love to hear from you if you are an experienced, registered leader who is enthusiastic about ECE, an open-minded thirsty to learn, with the ability to work collaboratively and constructively within a team environment. The successful applicant will have highly effective communication skills, a sound understanding of internal review and programme planning, and an innate commitment to quality early childhood education/pedagogy.

Encourage children to explore, discover, and question the world, by inspiring their sense of wonder and curiosity to develop a passion for lifelong learning. Join a fun, passionate, and supportive team committed to ongoing professional practice and learning.

Competitive salary package and PD support provided.

Job type:

Full Time


Auckland City