Job Description

Chant Productions has been based in Ellerslie for 20 years where we produce a wide range of beautifully crafted high-quality door hardware and installation equipment.

The company is growing and that challenges us to change the way we manage our business to be more efficient and responsive in serving our customers. We need new team members to support that growth and business change. Working for us is challenging as there is a lot for new team members to learn but there is also the chance to be involved in an exciting time in the business as we transition to these new ways of working.

Because we make our products to order, every day can be different; a product that goes through our manufacturing process today may not be made again for a few months or even years. To be able to cope with that you need to be comfortable working in an often changing work environment.

We offer work across differing workshops and tasks so you can grow your skills and your future prospects. You will need to show us you are worth the investment during your first few months on board especially as your training will take years not months. You will learn how to prepare our products for metal polishing, chemical aging, electroplating and powder coating and/or assembly which might suit you if you like doing jigsaw puzzles.

Get in touch if you are:

* Entitled to live and work in NZ
* Physically fit with some previous work experience
* Keen to learn new things and like variety in your day
* Comfortable taking notes, videos or photos to support your learning
* Committed and can arrive at work with your head and hands ready for the day
* Positive in nature and willing to communicate with us openly and honestly
* Looking for something more from your work than what you have right now

If this ad only attracts one applicant who fits that description that is fine, but we can offer this opportunity to more than one person. Genuine inquiries are welcome, we will look forward to receiving your email.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

Job type:

Full Time


Auckland City